Services and rates

It's always a bit complicated to talk about pricing when it comes to creative works, because there is so many different factors that can influence the budget of a project.

Basically we could complete any project for whatever budget you have. It means that if you only have $20 to spare you'll get a bad drawing. If you have few millions, we could try to get George Clooney to drink coffee on camera.

To give you an idea, here is some rates:

- Basic shoot (interview, B-rolls, ...) about 3 hours of shooting plus editing: $200-$600

- Thoughtful video (from concept to full edit) about 3 hours of shoot with more pre and post-production involved: $400-$1000

- Complete project (from concept to end product) Could take a while, but you'd get something awesome: $800-$5,000+

The easiest way to start, is to send us an email at and ask for a quote.

We could then start talking about your project and so on.


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